Sterling Silver Bracelet with Assorted Crystals

Sterling Silver Bracelet with Assorted Crystals


A heavy sterling silver braclet with lodalite, two boulder opals, moonstone, white agate, rutile quartz. These are all grounding stones.... You can look into lodalite and see all sorts of landscapes. This is rare to find...a quartz with silicate inclusions. Boulder opals are feats of nature usually formed in sandstone over a long period of time. They contain iron oxide which can fossilise, replacing wood and which then grows a tree's original growth rings. In rare circumstances silica solutions can solidify within cracks in the boulder and become gem opal. It symbolically provides a catalyst for connecting with heaven and earth. The moonstone in this braclet reflects blue and is one of the rarest of moonstones. According to myth beautiful blue moonstones are washed onto the earth's shore every 21 years. White agate is a class of chalcedony and is said to balance yin and yang within the body. Rutile quartz also has its associated myth. The Viking goddess Freya is said to have had her golden hair preseved by earth spirits in crystal when it was cut because they felt it was so precious.

Overall this braclet combines some beautiful and powerful stones.

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